Here are some videos that can be helpful as introduction and how to. You need Flash Player to view them.

GADD Dashboard Express 5.11

Start with this: GADD Dashboard Express introduction Video >>

GADD Dashboard Express / Builder 5.11 tutorial

  1. Download , download and install the Dashboard Builder including examples (2 min)
  2. Session 3 using  Example 1 , Dashboards element, design, master filter, data fields, data items, dimensions, measure, delta, sparklines, numeric formats. (5 min)
  3. Session 4 using Example 2 , Chart, Pie, Grid with delta and sparklines, drill down, calculated field. (4 min)
  4. Session 5 using Example 3 , Range filter, ignore master filter for element, set filter criteria on element. (3 min)
  5. Session 6 using Example 4 , Use Choropleth maps. (4 min)
  6. Session 7 using Example 5 , Edit existing data source, create new data source using MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server. (3 min)
  7. Session 8 using Example 4, Client Filter. Use client filter to define what data should be loaded from the database into the dashboard as default. The client filter is available via the web browser via the gear wheel icon. (4 min)
  8. Session 9 using Example 4, Multi-Filter available on all elements, Export to PDF/PNG/Excel, Dashboard Title. Multi-Filter and Export to is available via the web browser. (4 min)

Session 10 creating my own dashboard on SQL Server database (12 min)

  • Session 10 part A, Data connection to SQL Server and create somw new elements. (6 min)
  • Session 10 part B, Elements pie, card, gauges, maps. Design options on elements. (6 min)

GADD Dashboard Builder version 5.7/5.8

  1. Introduction to GADD Query & Dashboard Builder. (3 min video)
  2. Introduction to GADD Query & Dashboard Builder, create connection to data source. (3 min video)
  3. Introduction to GADD Query & Dashboard Builder, build your own dashboard. (4 min video)

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