15 BI capabilities defined by Gartner

Gartner  defines three areas and 15 capabilities for BI and uses these when reviewing and comparing different BI platforms, tools and solutions. The areas are Integration, Information Delivery and Analysis and the capabilities;

Integration; BI infrastructure, Metadata management, Development tools and Collaboration.

Information Delivery; Reporting, Dashboards, Ad hoc query, Microsoft Office integration, Search-based BI, Mobile BI

Analysis; Online analytical processing (OLAP), Interactive visualization, Predictive modelling and data mining, Scorecards, Prescriptive modelling (simulation and optimization)

The 15 capabilities makes a good structure to get an overview. Read about how GADD Software relate to these 15 capabilities in “Gartner 15 BI Capabilities GADD Software 2013-04“.

Our focus and efforts in the BI area is to “Catalysing quicker decisions” and “BI for the many users”.

Catalysing quicker decisions

With our products and solutions business intelligence is be made available for all employees catalysing quicker decisions and actions, leading to continuous improvements in the daily operations.

BI for the many users

Our focus is to make operative and tactical information available to as many users as possible to low cost and great simplicity.
Our business idea is to make a significant change in the area of business intelligence. With our concept and technology we will change the focus of business intelligence from being “collection and monolithic” oriented to being “integration and composite oriented”.

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